All in the Family

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

As parents return to work sooner, grandparents are stepping up to care for their grandchildren – and turning to Playgroup for help. 

Grandparents and great grandparents are a wealth of family knowledge, culture and history. They play such an important role in the lives of young children. You only need to see the smiles and laughter that come from both grandparents and children when they’re in the same company to see how important and special these bonds are. 

But as many parents return to work and find that conventional child care options cannot meet their needs, the role of the grandparent is changing. Many now care for their grandchild or grandchildren on a part time or full-time basis. 

Playgroup can be a great help for grandparents because it provides a stimulating environment and access to resources not normally available at home.

Grandparents tell us that Playgroup helps take the pressure off and allows children to interact with others. “Playgroup allows us to get out of the house and helps break up the day,” one says. “It’s too cold to play outside in winter and Playgroup is a great warm space to spend quality time together.”

Make friends

Going to Playgroup is a great way to meet other families and watch your grandchildren grow confidence in building friendships. You might meet other grandparents at Playgroup, too.

Share the love

When you see your grandchild make or discover something new, it’s great to share these achievements and celebrate these milestones with others.

Stay in touch

Through meeting other families, you are likely to learn about other community support and services in your area. You might learn about events and festivals to help you plan more outings with your grandchildren. Playgroup can help you stay in touch with new thinking on parenting ideas and advice.

Help at hand

It can be hard – and expensive – to come up with new ways to entertain little ones. Playgroup provides access to fun activities and resources.


Children love routines and cope better when they’re in place. When you’re at a weekly Playgroup, you’ll find there is a routine within the two hours. Your grandchildren will enjoy knowing when it’s snack time, pack up and song time.

Are there grandparents at your Playgroup? Why not plan a ‘Grandparents at Playgroup’ day and advertise this within your Playgroup? With a welcoming event, you might start a trend and see grandparents coming along more regularly.

Did you know that your Playgroup SA family membership covers the whole family, including grandparents? For more information on Playgroups in your area, call Playgroup SA on free call 1800 171 882. 

This article was originally published in State of Play, Issue Three, 2015

"I would absolutely recommend Playgroups to other grandparents. It’s a stimulating environment for both the grandchildren and the grandparents. It’s a wonderful community space to have access to resources that we would not normally have at home."