Intro to Asset-based Community-led Development Workshop

Thursday, 1 August

St Peter's Youth Centre,
Cornish St, Stepney SA

Join Playgroup SA & the Jeder Institute for an
interactive day of learning.
Become confident in working with & mobilising communities. Develop the skills to build leadership and partnerships in communities using ABCD philosophy.

THE WHAT: Experience how to blend ABCD with a range of powerful strengths-based approaches to community work and complementary methodologies to create powerful outcomes. Leave with practical tools & skills on how to:
• Focus on assets and strengths rather than deficiencies
• Discover ways to blend methodologies
• Apply strengths-based monitoring and evaluation
• Build effective partnership strategies
• Increase confidence in hosting group work
• Form powerful enquiries and proposals
• Explore group dynamics and decision-making

THE WHY: Many of the challenges faced by individuals and communities require transformational change, which can only be achieved by focusing on the strengths within. Models to access these strengths include:
• Citizen & Community-led Initiatives
• Asset-based or Place-based projects
• Collective Impact & Action work
• Collaboration & Community Conversations
• Participatory Citizen’s Juries & Budgeting, & more

THE HOW: Learn ways to weave, embed and sustain ABCD and other strengths-based and participatory practices through co-design and collaboration processes. We will show you how to move from dialogue to action and how to discover ways to address complex challenges via innovative solutions.

Facilitated by Dee Brooks, Director of Jeder Institute Dee brings people together in dynamic ways to realise and engage the full potential of their networks and communities. Over 20 years, her work has inspired people at hundreds of events and workshops worldwide where she offers community engagement and development training and also provides professional co-design, facilitation and keynote addresses for conferences, forums and events.

Timeslot Creche
Thursday, 1st August, 2019, 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

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