Autumn is a Time to Play!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Autumn is such a wonderful time of year. The autumn leaves are falling from the trees in backyards, in playgrounds and in the suburbs. Who doesn't love watching the beautiful orange and brown leaves gently float from side to side as they make their way to the ground?  Children love to play with autumn leaves, throwing them up in the air or stomping on them to hear the crunch under their feet!  The sounds and senses of autumn – a season of fun activities and adventures for everyone. Try this easy autumn tree activity at Playgroup or at home

Autumn Tissue Paper Tree

You will need:

  • A4 white or coloured paper
  • Green and brown coloured pencils
  • Brown, yellow and orange tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick

What to do

  1. Colour some green grass on the bottom of the A4 paper and with the brown pencil draw a tree trunk and some branches.
  2. Tear or cut up with scissors the coloured tissue paper. Do this roughly to make small autumn leaf shapes.
  3. Stick tissue paper on the branches of your tree and on the grass to look like fallen autumn leaves

Now you have a beautiful autumn tree collage to stick on the fridge or display around the playroom at Playgroup.  Here’s another fun idea for Playgroup or you could go on a nature walk around your own neighbourhood.

Autumn Nature Walk

Autumn is a wonderful time to take Playgroup families on a nature walk around the Playgroup grounds or down to the local park, or down a quiet side street that has trees shedding their leaves. Children will be amazed by all the nature treasures they will find along the way.

You will need

  • Plan ahead and arrange for each child to bring their own recycled shopping bag
  • Crayon or pencil
  • Plastic spade for digging up worms, twigs and leaves (digging without harming the natural environment)
  • Magnifying glass or binoculars (ask children to bring them from home if they are child friendly. Some shops and supermarkets sell plastic toy binoculars and magnifying glasses, ideal for a nature walk with children)
  • Print off a little nature check list for the children to look for on their Playgroup Nature Walk. The children can add objects to their bags or tick if off on their checklist if they find a particular object. Here’s an example:

Playgroup Nature Walk Checklist

❑  Autumn Leaf

❑  Stone

❑  Gumnut

❑  Pinecone

❑  Bird

What to do

Set out on your autumn nature walk, look for insects and worms, autumn leaves and pinecones; make it fun, relaxing, talk about the things you see.  Items that can be collected can be placed in the bag.  When the children arrive back to Playgroup they can make a collage with their findings, or pop them in a special shoe box as treasure.

Have fun exploring the wonders of autumn!