Our Board

Playgroup SA is a community based not-for-profit organisation. The Board of Playgroup SA is voluntary based and includes both Playgroup members and interested members of the public who have the required skills and competencies necessary to provide sound governance for the organisation. Playgroup SA’s board members are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Playgroup SA’s Volunteer Board strives to provide a strong, committed collaborative governance team for Playgroup SA.

Trish Strachan
Chair of the Board

Dr Sally Brinkman
Deputy Chair

Ann Perriam 

Cecilia Pascale
Board Member

Ben Birch 
Board Member

Krista StJohn
Board Member

Our Team

Playgroup SA staff consists of a  dedicated multidisciplinary team who are passionate about their support and dedication to the Playgroup Movement, families and volunteers.

The team strives to bring their varied qualifications and experiences to assist in raising the profile of Playgroup and the many valuable benefits that can be gained through being part of the Playgroup Community. Playgroup SA’s vision and purpose is at the core of all staff activities. 

Craig Bradbrook
Chief Executive Officer

Strategy and System Improvement Team

Teresa DiBartolo
Senior Business Administrator

Amy Elliott
Enrolments Officer

Community Impact Team

Alicia Beames
Program Manager

Beck Blunn
Program Facilitator  

Ellie Bahnisch
Program Facilitator  

Syeda Chowdhury
Program Facilitator - PlayTogether  

Programs Team

Sarah Carbone
Program Facilitator

Playgroup Facilitators
Lauren, Angle Vale
Nicki, Mt Gambier
Tracy, Renown Park
Kristy, Whyalla

Marketing and Events Team

Emma Sordillo
Communications Coordinator

Sarah Zulian
Digital Officer