Organisational Playgroup Registration is the connection between your playgroup and Playgroup SA. Playgroup SA has more than 192 Registered Playgroups operating across South Australia every week.

For all Organisational Playgroup Registrations, you can choose to purchase enrolments for families attending, providing additional benefits for children and parents to access additional Playgroup SA events and training taking full advantage of member benefits.


Who is Organisational Playgroup Registration for?

Organisational Playgroup Registration is best for supported or facilitated Playgroups run by community service organisations, faith-based organisations, schools, and early childhood education and care services. Organisations can choose to register their Playgroup, in doing so they will have access to session plans, Playgroup booklet (online), online, and face-to-face training.

It’s easy to register. Simply complete the Organistional Playgroup Registration form and pay the appropriate fee to Playgroup SA.

It is a great way to promote your Playgroup and reach many families across South Australia.

Organisational Playgroup Registration: Options

There are two options for Organisational Playgroup Registration.

Option One. Organisational Playgroup Registration with Group Enrolments. Organisations can pay for enrolment on behalf of their families. Families can enjoy all the benefits of Family Enrolment. Organisations will then enrol each family, and forward the enrolment forms to Playgroup SA.

Option Two. Organisational Playgroup with NO Group Enrolments. The Playgroup Coordinator in your organisation can enjoy all the benefits of playgroup session planners, online and face-to-face training. Your Playgroup will be listed on the "Find a Playgroup" webpage on  Families can enrol at their expense, however families not enrolled with Playgroup SA will not be covered by personal injury and accident insurance.

Cost of Organisational Playgroup Registration

Organisations can choose from the following options.
All Playgroup Registrations run on a calendar year basis.

Option One (with Group Enrolment)

12 months registration  
(Jan - Dec)

$40  - Silver      $75  - Gold
Group Enrolment

Early Bird*

Full Year*

Early Bird*

Full Year*
  5 Families $215 $240  $250 $275
10 Families $390 $440  $425 $475 
15 Families $565 $640  $600 $675 
20 Families $740 $840  $775 $875

Silver Reg Form

Gold Reg Form

*total includes registration fee plus cost of enrolment
Option Two (No Group Enrolment)

12 months registration
(Jan - Dec)

  Option 2

Organisational Playgroup Registration Benefits

  • Playgroup Session Plans.
  • “Find a Playgroup”. 
  • Promotion and Referral.
  • Playgroup Support.
  • Online Training.
  • Discounted professional training offered by Playgroup SA.
  • Discounted Safe Environments for Children and Young People Training for the Playgroup Coordinator. 
  • Coordinator News.
  • Marketing support.
  • Auspice grants for your Playgroup & support for grant writing.
  • Playgroup starter kit for new Playgroups.
  • Public Liability & Property Insurance for your Playgroup.

Group Enrolment Benefits

Playgroup SA Group Enrolment is suitable for organisations, venues or agencies who wish to purchase Family Enrolments on behalf of families. The number of enrolments can be increased as attendance increases.

Family Enrolment Benefits include:

  • Attendance at registered Playgroup SA Playgroups.
  • Discounted entry to Playgroup SA events, including Playgroup at the Zoo.
  • Discounted professional learning
  • Quarterly ePlay News.
  • Opportunities to attend exclusive Playgroup events
  • Support from the Community Impact Team via phone, email or in person.   
  • Personal Accident and Injury Insurance