Starting a Playgroup is as easy as having a couple of families with children aged 0-6 years who want to get together. Playgroup SA is here to help you at every step. We can provide you with support via phone, email and more importantly via face-to-face meetings to assist you with starting your playgroup. If you already have your families, venue and time settled, Playgroup SA can assist in advertising your group, settling a program and sourcing resources.

Once you have decided to start your Playgroup, follow the steps in the pathway below, remember to complete the Community Playgroup Registration Form and submit the form to Playgroup SA.  

Why Start a Playgroup?

People start Playgroups for many reasons:

  • A group of friends or neighbours want to regularly meet together with their children.
  • There is no other Playgroup nearby.
  • A new parents’ group at a health centre or child and youth health centre may want to continue to meet and develop into a Playgroup.
  • Local Playgroups are currently full.
  • A community centre, neighbourhood centre, school or church or other family service wants to offer Playgroups as part of their program.
  • To gather a group of a similar cultural background or of the same language group.
  • To gather a group of people with similar interests such as fathers, nannies, outdoor enthusiasts or learning styles, such as the Montessori method.