Why go to Playgroup?

Children under five are going through a stage of rapid brain and skill development. For optimum development, young children need a stimulating environment to play and learn. Playgroups offer babies, toddlers and young children a wide variety of early learning experiences.

Playgroup is a great way for your child(ren) to learn about the world, make friends and develop social skills. Playgroup also gives mums, dads, grandparents and caregivers a chance to share ideas and experiences. Many long-term friendships begin at Playgroup.

Playgroup develops physical skills, teaches problem solving, communication and social interaction and, of course, it’s great fun!

Why Playgroup is Important

For Children, PLAYGROUP:

  • Provides an environment for social interaction.
  • Provides an opportunity for children to play and learn.
  • Assists in language development and communication.
  • Provides a space for children to participate in and enjoy new activities.
  • Provides a stimulated environment where children can acquire new skills and learn.
  • Provides access to a variety of toys and equipment.
  • Provides a safe and happy place for children.
  • Assists children to become ready for the formal learning environment.
  • Provides an opportunity to attend excursions and events.

For Adults, PLAYGROUP:

  • Gives parents the opportunity to play and interact with their child.
  • Provides a great space for social interaction.
  • Allows time for parents to share their experiences, ideas and to support one another.
  • Provides a routine that allows families to gather and interact.
  • Fosters community spirit and assists social networks.
  • Provides affordable membership and sessions.