COVID-19 Update - Monday 23 November

Last week was a roller coaster ride with announcements, restrictions, and a state-wide circuit breaker. Like us at Playgroup SA you too might be feeling a little overwhelmed. From Monday 23 November pre-schools and schools will be reopening and school sports resuming. Community Playgroups choosing to, will also be able to resume weekly sessions from Monday 23 November.   

Playgroup Coordinators will need to check with their venue contacts/managers to ensure they have approval for running their playgroups. Some schools and community centres may remain closed, while others who are open, may not allow Playgroups to resume.   

Families check with your Playgroup Coordinator that Playgroup is running and remember to sign in and out.  

Ultimately, Playgroup coordinators need to make the decision that’s right for their Playgroup and Playgroup families.   

For everyone, it’s a good time to review the Guidelines for a COVID Safe Playgroup and the Cleaning Checklist. Lets stay safe, clean and remember there are four Fridays until Christmas!  

Stay safe and be kind  
Craig Bradbrook  
Chief Executive Officer, Playgroup SA 



During times like these, its normal to feel stress and worry when there is a health event happening in the community that is affecting people’s wellbeing, such as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic. SA Health currently provide a COVID-19 Virtual Support Network. The SA COVID-19 Mental Health Support Line can be accessed by calling 1800 632 753 or through online chat and is available 8.00am – 8.00pm every day.


Update Monday 23 November 2020